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The Feelings Game

64 cards for emotional literacy

The feelings game is an emotional literacy game containing 64 cards and a leaflet with 8 game rules.

The emotion cards, inspired by Non-Violent Communication (NVC), enable you to :

  • name and understand the emotions you feel;
  • expand your lexical register of emotions and feelings;
  • talk about your feelings with finesse and precision;
  • enter the Non-Violent Communication approach;
  • develop your psychosocial skills;
  • develop emotional intelligence to enter into relationships.
Product in engligh Accessibilité dyslexiques


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The feelings game is an emotional literacy game comprising 64 cards and a leaflet with 8 game rules.



Thanks to The feelings game, each participant learns to:

  • name emotions;
  • divide emotions into the 5 emotional poles;
  • distinguish emotions from feelings;
  • gauge the intensity of their emotions.


This game helps to:

  • consolidate self-esteem;
  • promote social skills and the quality of relationships;
  • prevent risky practices;
  • encourage positive educational practices;
  • reinforce the implementation of rules and constructive limits.


Introspection +++
Emotional expression +++
Listening skills and empathy +++
Oral participation ++
Questioning ++
Critical awareness +++


The feelings game comes in a cardboard box containing:

  • 64 cards, including: 5 emotional pole cards and 59 emotion cards, coloured and numbered, with a main emotional state on the front and two neighboring emotional states on the back;
  • a user guide with essential information on emotions, 8 game rules and a list of 177 emotional states.


The feelings game lets you explore 177 different emotional states.


The feelings game is:

  • inclusive: it uses the Luciole font, designed for the visually impaired;
  • all-round: suitable for schools and corporate seminars;
  • illustrated: the drawings on the cards are evocative, inspiring and fun;
  • ambitious: a lexicon of 177 emotions;
  • eco-responsible: the cards and box are printed in Europe, on paper from responsible sources.


A sturdy, elegant box containing printed and laminated cards, plus instructions for use in the form of a small booklet.


The feelings game printable version in pdf.


  • schools, colleges, universities, orientation;
  • training centers, coaching sessions, training, business consulting, team management, skills assessments, retraining, back-to-work;
  • therapy, discussion groups, workshops, individual interviews, psychological follow-up, conflict management, mediation.


  • group workshop (recommended group size: 6 to 14 participants maximum);
  • individual interviews.


  • healthcare professionals, doctors, psychologists, therapists, dieticians, sex therapists, sexologists, prevention leaders;
  • teachers, educators, consultants, coaches, social workers, image consultants, trainers.


  • children aged 4 and over;
  • teenagers;
  • adults, professionals, beginners and experts.


Language: English

1 avis pour The Feelings Game

  1. Anne-Laure Cornu-Thenard

    Fantastic deck of cards, amazing drawings, a must in my coaching practice with the Needs Game. It's simple to use, to make up your own rules should you wish to do so, and the drawings bring a smile on everyone's mouth. I strongly recommend them both!!!


      Thanks for your comment. Happy to propose an helpful game for your coaching practice!

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  • Author : Maëlle Challan Belval
  • Illustrator : Zdenek Sasek
  • Graphic Design : STDI Creative
  • Publisher : Comitys
  • Date of publication : october 2022
  • ISBN : 978-2-493136-10-7
  • Cards dimensions : 80 x 148 mm
  • Box dimensions : 159 x 115 x 35 mm

Copyright and intellectual property

All rights reserved for all countries Terms of Sales.

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