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The Needs Game printable version

64 printable cards for emotional literacy

The needs game printable version is a pedagogical tool that can be used to identify the players’ core needs, help them to accept them, improve relationships and inspire decisions. Based on Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication (NVC) approach, it is an emotional literacy tool that can be used to:

  • deploy psychosocial competencies (PSC);
  • identify and welcom needs;
  • expand your lexical register of core human needs;
  • engage in the process of Nonviolent Communication (NVC);
  • developing emotional intelligence to enter into relationships;
  • inspire your decisions.
Product in engligh Accessibilité dyslexiques Accessibilité déficience visuelle PDF


The Needs Game printable version flashcards is an innovative teaching tool for psychosocial skills. It includes 64 cards and a leaflet with 10 game rules.



Using The needs game printable version flashcards, participants learn to:

  • recognize their emotional state;
  • link their emotional state to a satisfied or unsatisfied inner need.


The needs game printable version enables you to:

  • judge the intensity of one's needs;
  • take responsibility for your needs;
  • foster social skills and the quality of relationships.


Introspection +++
Emotional expression +++
Listening skills and empathy +++
Oral participation ++
Questioning ++
Critical awareness +++


The needs game is sent to you in pdf format by email. It comprises 159 high-resolution pages in black and white including:

    • 64 cards, including: 5 need family cards and 59 numbered need cards, with a main need on the front and two related needs on the back;
    • a 30-page user guide with a clickable table of contents, containing essential information on the needs, as well as 9 separate game rules and a a complete list of the game's 177 needs.


The needs game lets you explore 177 deep human needs.


The needs game printable version flashcards is:

  • inclusive: it uses the Luciole font, designed for the visually impaired;
  • all-round: it is suitable for all audiences, from schools to corporate seminars;
  • illustrated: the drawings on the cards are evocative, inspiring and fun;
  • ambitious: the game features an exceptionally wide range of 177 needs.


The digital form of this downloadable teaching tool offers a number of advantages:

  • instant access, as the digital Needs game can be downloaded in a matter of seconds;
  • an environmentally-friendly version, because it doesn't need to be transported;
  • a high-resolution tool that you can print in black and white, in whole or in part, in small or large format;
  • 100% digital use thanks to screen sharing;
  • suitable for the visually impaired, thanks to the contrast of black and white.


Set The needs game printed, in a cardboard box.


  • schools, colleges, training centers, universities, orientation;
  • coaching, training sessions, business consulting, team management, skills assessment, retraining and return to work;
  • therapy, discussion groups, workshops, individual interviews, psychological follow-up, conflict management, mediation.


  • group workshop (recommended group size: 6 to 14 participants maximum);
  • individual interviews.


  • health professionals, prevention leaders, doctors, psychologists, therapists, dieticians, sex therapists, sexologists;
  • teachers, educators, consultants, coaches, social workers, image consultants, trainers.


  • children aged 6 and over;
  • teenagers;
  • adults, professionals, beginners and experts.


Language: English


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  • Author : Maëlle Challan Belval
  • Illustrator : Zdenek Sasek
  • Graphic Design : STDI Creative
  • Publisher : Comitys
  • Date of publication : october 2022
  • ISBN : 978-2-493136-12-1
  • Reader: install Adobe Acrobat Reader (free)

Copyright and intellectual property

All rights reserved for all countries. Terms of Sales.

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